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Which candidate would make the best U.S. President?

Learn about the 2008 U.S. Presidential candidates and their views on today's important issues. We've spent thousands of hours researching the candidates and getting their perspectives on issues ranging from abortion to global warming to the war in Iraq. Read our simple, nonpartisan, pro-con presentation and decide for yourself: "Which candidate would make the best President?"

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(alphabetical order by party; black & white photos indicate candidate is no longer running)
CANDIDATE VIEWS BY ISSUE (alphabetical order)
makeup artist ny - Read a quick summary of the 2008 presidential election and why we selected this topic

makeup artist ny - Printable guide to compare all the candidates and their views.
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Did You Know? - Little-known facts related to the 2008 and other U.S. presidential elections

2008 State Primary and Caucus Results - See how many delegates the candidates have received so far

Presidential Election History from 1789 to 2004 - View the results of all U.S. presidential elections from George Washington to George W. Bush

How to Become U.S. President: A Step-by-Step Guide - Learn about the official role, the entry process, primaries and delegates, conventions, and the electoral college in our basic tutorial

Candidate Videos - See over 80 videos of the candidates addressing key issues and announcing their campaign

Candidate Speeches - Transcripts of candidate speeches made throughout the campaign trail

Candidate Debates - Transcripts of 2007-2008 presidential candidate debates

U.S. Political Parties - See the history, mission statements, and platforms for the current major U.S. political parties

Personal Financial Disclosure Reports - Read the candidates' official Federal Election Commission financial reports

Contact the Candidates - Phone, email, fax, and website information
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Opinions, suggestions, and criticisms regarding this website and the 2008 candidates
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Democratic Party

     Biden, Joe
  (Withdrew on
  Jan. 3, 2008)
     Dodd, Chris
  (Withdrew on
  Jan. 3, 2008)
     Edwards, John
  (Withdrew on
  Jan. 30, 2008)
     Kucinich, Dennis
  (Withdrew on
  Jan. 25, 2008)
     Richardson, Bill
  (Withdrew on
  Jan. 10, 2008)
     Vilsack, Tom
  (Withdrew on
  Feb. 23, 2007)
Republican Party

Brownback, Sam
(Withdrew on
Oct. 19, 2007)
Gilmore, Jim
(Withdrew on
July 14, 2007)
Giuliani, Rudy
(Withdrew on
Jan. 30, 2008)
Huckabee, Mike
(Withdrew on
Mar. 4, 2008)
Hunter, Duncan
(Withdrew on
Jan. 19, 2008)
Paul, Ron
(Withdrew on
Mar. 7, 2008)
Romney, Mitt
(Withdrew on
Feb. 7, 2008)
Tancredo, Tom
(Withdrew on
Dec. 20, 2007)
Thompson, Fred
(Withdrew on
Jan. 22, 2008)
(Withdrew on
Aug. 12, 2007)
3rd Parties / Independents

Imperato, Daniel
Kubby, Steve
McEnulty, Frank
Smith, Christine

Coming Soon?

ProCon.org is verfying that the declared candidates below have filed required FEC paperwork and met ProCon.org's criteria for inclusion. If eligible, we will add these candidates to the site:

Keyes, Alan (R)
McKinney, Cynthia (Green)
Nader, Ralph (Ind)

2008ELECTIONNEWS AND NOTICES (archived after 30 days)
3/13/08 - NEW: Election History "Did You Know?" section added with 11 fascinating facts about presidents and elections.

3/5/08 - UPDATED: 2008 State Primary and Caucus Results - See the Mar. 4, 2008 primary election outcomes from Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

2/29/08 - NEW: Read the candidates' positions on five new questions:

  1. Should parental consent be required for pregnant minors to have abortions?
  2. Should the federal government fund school voucher programs?
  3. Should the election campaigns of candidates for public office be publicly financed?
  4. Should there be an independent Palestinian state?
  5. Should the U.S. President?s powers be expanded to include a line item veto?

2/29/08 - NEW: Subscribe to our free RSS feed and automatically receive the latest news and notices from our 13 ProCon.org websites. To subscribe, click on the RSS button in the top right of the homepage and follow the instructions provided on the screen. It takes a few seconds, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

2/19/08 - NEW: History of Waterboarding Prosecutions: Our PDF memo provides additional context for the question we asked the candidates about whether or not waterboarding should be legal.

2/15/08 - UPDATED: Delegates - Guide to understanding the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Democratic, Republican, and Third Party primary and caucus delegates.

Archived News and Notices (generally archived after 30 days)

1. Legal option
2. Parental consent
3. Honesty vs. competence
4. Threat to U.S.?
5. Human rights
6. Embargo
7. Genocide

Death Penalty
8. Legal option

9. Outsourcing jobs
10. Free trade regulations

12. No Child Left Behind
13. Increasing costs
14. School vouchers

Election Reform
15. Paper trails
16. Campaign contributions
17. Public financing

18. ANWR drilling
19. Price of U.S. gasoline

20. International agreements
21. Fuel efficiency
22. Global climate change

Gun Control
23. Federal regulations

Health Care
24. Subsidized care
25. Prescription options

26. Net impact on economy
27. Rights and benefits
28. U.S.-Mexico fence

29. U.S. military force

Iraq War
30. Was the attack a mistake?
31. Is America safer?
32. Withdrawal timetable

33. Military and economic aid

Israeli-Palestinian conflict
34. Hamas
35. Palestine

36. Independence

37. Constitutional amendment
38. Infidelity

Medical Marijuana
39. Legalization
40. Raids

National Service
41. Draft
42. Gays in the military

Presidential Power
43. Line item veto

44. Faith-based funding
45. Importance to voters

Social Security
46. Privatizing

Stem Cells
47. Federal funding

48. Bush tax cuts

49. Entering Iraq

U.S. Constitution
50. Alteration

War on Terror
51. Waterboarding
52. Guantanamo Bay
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